Our Wish List

  • Canned wet food:  Friskies, Classic Fancy Feast Paté (no fish)
  • Prescription wet food:  Science Diet AD, Purina UR
  • Dry cat food:  Royal Canin (Cat and kitten), Iams Orange bag Hairball, Iams weight control
  • Science Diet Sensitive Stomach
  • Litter scoopers, Large litter boxes, Cat litter
  • Cardboard scratchers
  • Toys (laser pointers, stuffed mice, balls, feather teasers, etc.)
  • Nail clippers, Flea combs
  • Cat beds (machine washable)
  • Furminator grooming tool
  • Cat carriers (medium sizes/top loaders are GREAT!)
  • Food and Water Dishes – stainless steel (no plastic or glass)
  • Chicken/Turkey baby food
  • Kitty treats – Temptations, Friskies
  • Advantage Multi and Revolution flea treatment
  • Laundry detergent (pods), Bleach
  • Paper Towels
  • Cleaning supplies (brooms, mops, sponges, garbage bags, antibacterial hand soap)

SAPCR-24 (2)